Courtyard of House Amblerash

House Amblerash is an ancient house, one of the first formed. It's traditionally been one of the staunchest supporters of the Church, and its members have frequently been active in the clergy. It's considered a Minor House -- there have never been ambitions towards becoming a Major House. Amblerash owns a select piece of land on the Rim of the Abyss, as do many of the older Houses; it also has a few small nearby Shadows, but again anything beyond that is donated to the Church. It has no standing armed forces of any kind, although it does have mutual defense treaties with both House Stryl and House Barimen. The House standard is a caduceus, of course.

The head of House Amblerash has been held at one time or another by all of its members, but currently the title of Margrave rests with Ryder. Available is a treatise on the Family Amblerash, apparently written by some overzealous librarian. 

Current PC House members are: Bances (unplayed), Rac (dead), Ryder, Senusia, Shwetha, Mahgle, and Ashnah.

The demotion of House Amblerash to Petty House after the death of Rac.

Family Tree
There's no terribly easy way to represent this, but I'll do my best. For simplicity's sake, I have chosen to only list the most direct line of ancestry for all PC characters; there are of course side branches with other descendants which are not shown here.

+ = Dead (RIP)
$ = Shadow (non-Chaosian)
m = married to (ie, XXX m YYY)

  • Founder of Amblerash, plus several generations,
    • ? Amblerash+
      by ? Minbar+
      • Thulsa Amblerash+
        by Shusea Beysib+
        • Bances Amblerash
          by Meredith Ditko+
          • Rac Amblerash+
            • Ashnah Amblerash
          • Ryder Amblerash
          by Demaris Minbar+
          • Senusia Amblerash
            by adoption
            • Ashnah Amblerash
          by adoption
          • Faith+
Related Houses

House Minbar is a small, humble house, composed mostly of scholars and philosophers. It no longer exists as a formal house. As an associated family in House Amblerash, members can of course use the Amblerash name.

  • Founder Minbar, plus some generations
    • Vreen Minbar+
      by Lleda$+
      • Demaris Minbar+
        by Bances Amblerash
      • Temese Minbar+
        by ?$+
        • Mahgle Minbar

House Ditko no longer exists as a formal house. The family has always had a strong artistic leaning. As an associated family in House Amblerash, members can of course use the Amblerash name.

  • Founder Ditko, plus some generations
    • Meredith Ditko+
      by Bances Amblerash
    • Evets Ditko+
      by ?+
      • Melloran Ditko
        by ?$+
        • Ameranth Ditko
        by Jeea Pradeep$
        • Shwetha Ditko
      • Lothwain Ditko

This is all that is known (or written down) so far.