Ancient AmberMUSH History

AmberMUSH started back in late 1991. When it opened, until the middle of March 1995, I played the character Jasra, from the books. From July 1993 until some time in 1998 or so, I played Senusia, an original creation; I also played Cordelia from early 1997 to 1998 or so.

This is a collection of OLD documents about AmberMUSH, that I thought would be amusing to throw up somewhere for the AmberMUSH group on Facebook.

AmberMUSH History FAQ
Archive of the commonly asked questions about AmberMUSH history.

Archive of
Thanks to the wayback machine, again.

House Amblerash
House Amblerash is a Minor House in the Courts of Chaos. It doesn't have that many members, but it's Real Cool Anyway. Here is its official home page.

Chaos Names
Ever wondered about those funny Chaosian names with the prefixes? Here's the master document explaining all.

Tiffany's Amber, and the AmberMUSH Libretto amongst other things.

Logs from

Heresy in the Church of the Unicorn logs.

Caine, Dalt, and Gavin  
Some of Fred Hicks' characters on AmberMUSH.